Documenting Max Blumenthal’s Arrest for Assaulting a 58-Year-Old Immigrant Woman from Venezuela (VIDEO UPDATE)

3 min readNov 4, 2019

Max Blumenthal was arrested on October 25, 2019 and charged with assaulting and threatening a 58-year-old Venezuelan immigrant, Naylet Pacheco, outside the Venezuelan embassy around 3 a.m on May 7.

Below are screenshots of Blumenthal’s docket (case #2019 CMD 013718) pulled from the Washington, D.C. court record system which outlines the charges and the evidence underpinning his arrest warrant (address and phone numbers redacted):

Below is the docket for Blumenthal’s co-defendant aka “suspect 1,” Benjamin Rubinstein (2019 CMD 006324):

Below is a brief statement from Pacheco about the alleged incident uploaded to YouTube the day after it occurred:

Below is a video uploaded to Twitter on May 8 that appears to place Max Blumenthal and Ben Rubinstein at the scene of the crime:

Blumenthal (wearing green) and Rubinstein become clearly visible at about 40 seconds in after the cameraman shouts for the police to get involved and arrest someone. Blumenthal is evidently filming or streaming with his camera phone:

The Twitter user who uploaded the above video apparently was not the one who originally captured it, based on the wording of this earlier tweet that mentions the incident:

Another tweet from the above user appears to identify a third assailant (neither “suspect 1” nor “suspect 2”) given that Blumenthal was wearing green and Rubinstein was dressed in all black and the person below is wearing blue shoes:

The final two tweets of relevance from this user are Spanish language video interviews of one of the women (not ) who was at the scene of the crime: