Rania Khalek Supports Pro-NFZ Pro-‘Regime Change’ Keith Ellison

Rania Khalek clearly hasn’t thought through the implications of supporting Democrat Keith Ellison.

Ellison supported the imposition of a no-fly zone in Libya (a wildly popular position with Libyans in Libya) and in Syria. He voted to arm the Free Syrian Army that Khalek insists is an Al-Qaeda puppet. He stood from day one with the Syrian uprising that she today smears as an Al-Qaeda/Western/Wahabi/Zionist/Turkish conspiracy. He called for foreign intervention and the creation of safe zones way back in 2012.

Ellison even went on hunger strike as part of a global day of action in solidarity with Moadamiya, a community that was being starved by the Assad regime. He shared a platform with Kassem Eid (then known as Qusay Zakarya) who survived Assad’s September 2013 chemical weapons massacre to highlight Moadamiya’s plight.

Khalek might support Ellison but they couldn’t be more different from one another:

Unlike Khalek, Ellison never flip-flopped on the Syrian revolution once the going got tough.

Unlike Khalek, Ellison never lost his moral clarity on the criminal and indefensible nature of Assad’s fascist regime.

Unlike Khalek, Ellison does not indulge Islamophobic rhetoric conflating Islam, Islamists, jihadists, terrorism, and opposition to Assad.

Unlike Khalek, Ellison doesn’t trade in falsehoods and fake news.

Unlike Khalek, Ellison doesn’t smear women and children who open Twitter accounts to tell the world about the terror they face from Assad’s death squads and the Russian air force.

Unlike Khalek, Ellison’s progressive politics don’t stop at the Syrian border or at the gates of Assad’s palace.

Ellison becoming chair of the Democratic National Committee would be a victory for supporters of the Syrian revolution and a defeat for Khalek and her wretched gang of internet shabiha. Fortunately, she’s too stupid to realize it.



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